Monday, July 6, 2015

It is when the purple sky
Speaks it's mind
How the wind howling
It's wings to us
When the greens look upon us
And smile for our life

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do you know what it did to me?
Do you know why this world is collapsing?
Do you know how far it takes to,
Fight all this enemy?

Can't you see that I'm blinded?
I am broken, slashed and tampered,
How far it takes for me,
How long I should pretend,
How much could I stand it?

Please fight, defend this kingdom,
As it our home for all of us,
Where should we go now,
What should we do,
When our home is destroyed?

I'll stand and repel everything,
And yet it is too strong,
How far can I take this?

Please don't destroy me now,
I still am trying to stand up,
And learn to fight,
But yet if this is destiny,
I shall face it without regret,
And fight through it.

Hand in hand I go,
Feet to feet we run,
And walk to distance,
Till time tell us truth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kitty, kitty, where are you?
Kitty, kitty, where is Kiko?
Kitty, kitty, where are you?
We can't find you anywhere.

Jump here,
Run there,
Roll everywhere,
Searching for you.

Kitty, kitty, where are you?
Kitty, kitty, where is Kiko?
Kitty, kitty, where are you?
We only see Hazel and Grey.

Mama Ren didn't care,
Papa Bubble worried about us,
Because we left our house,
Just to search for Kiko.

Kitty, kitty, where are you?
Kitty, kitty, where is Kiko?
Kitty, kitty, where are you?
We found you sleeping,
Under the table.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tik tok tik tok
I can't hear the ticking tok
Tik tok ticky tok
All I see is my delusion

I think I'm mad
I think I'm mad
Tik tok tik tok
I think I can't control myself anymore

Drag, drag
I heard someone dragging a chair
Drag, drag
Or was it just my imagination?

I stretched out my hands
Yet all I see is my delusion
Tik tok ticky tok
I guess I can't control it anymore

Clenching the teeth
Writhing in pain
As if someone is hooking the chest
With their hoe from behind
Forcing it out without mercy

Tik tok tik tok
Oh, that's the sound of the clock
Tik tok ticky tok
I thought I'm getting mad at least

Tok tik tocky tik
Is it just me
Or it's a normal thing
Tok tik ticky tok
I'll see tomorrow if I can survive

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Please don't do this to me
Please let me be content
Why are you doing this to me
It's far from my capability

I am tearing apart
Please don't rip me apart
I can't handle this anymore
Please don't hurt me anymore

Don't take it away
Please don't steal it away
I can't live without it
Why are you doing this to me

Please return it back to me
Don't leave me like this
I can't hold on any longer
Just murder me instead

I want it back right now
Please don't destroy me
I can't live like this
This is too much for me

I used to be so strong
Now I can't even fight it
I used to be heartless
Now it's all I ever need

Why are you doing this to me
Please stop hurting me now
I want it back right now
Just don't take it away from me

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Turning over
Laying down
Jumping around
Strolling outside

Non of these had given any answer

Eating and sleeping
Singing and crying
Talking and drawing
Sitting and dancing

Non of these had solved anything

How this ache so much
Giving delusion to the vision
No food satisfy the hunger
And fever infecting one body

Could there be a reason to this?
Is this a disease by itself?
Or a long run of demotivation?
But somehow this intense pain...

So different from any
So strong and burning
So painful yet warm
So unknown to the likes

Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what it is
Not knowing how to cure
Not knowing what's the cause

Painfully crawling
Suffering from this demise
Seeking for salvation
From this infinity abyss

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gust of wind struck the eyes
Enduring the pain without realising
Not even an effort to fight the unknown
Must have been the exhaustion it took

Wondering the reason to stay
What it takes to remember the song
Answering the demand of just
Will it be if we were to survive

Tomorrow will come and taken away
Shall one know where to reach
Drifting alone under such heat
Asking for strength of hope and light